Focaz Limited Undertakes Turnkey site build for communications network infrastructure projects and structural engineering. It offers products and services related to:

arrow-icon Turnkey solutions for BTS Radio sites.

arrow-icon Comprehensive Site Surveys

arrow-icon Geo-technical Investigation to establish site soil type, check presence of ground water and assess maximum allowable soil bearing pressure for   foundation designs.

arrow-icon Structural integrity check of existing building structures to verify their structural condition and assess their capacity to support proposed additional GSM loads.

arrow-icon Propose and Design Structural Steelwork grillage supports for rooftop GSM sites.

arrow-icon Structural analysis and Optimization of existing telecommunication tower designs for proposed additional GSM loads.

arrow-icon Design of communication towers, foundations for Towers, Shelters, Generators, fencing etc.

arrow-icon Testing & Commissioning of towers, feeder & antenna system, BTS Radio Equipment

arrow-icon Testing & Commissioning Electrical & alarm systems.

arrow-icon Testing with Site Master & Commissioning of BTS radio sites.

arrow-icon Structural design and structural drawings .These services are for innovative and effective solutions to all structural and drafting engineering problems.



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