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Focaz Limited relies on the wealth of expertise accumulated since the company was founded to design and construct storage facilities and equipment for handling hazardous materials, earning a high level of trust from the customers.

Focaz Limited has a long history in the construction of a wide range of fuel supply facilities for private-use filling stations, factories, administrative buildings, schools, hospitals and NGOs

Our company relies on a comprehensive flow from planning and design to construction and maintenance to provide optimum systems regardless of scale.

We perform the following types of work:

arrow-icon Total planning for the facilities , including layout design.

arrow-icon Interior designs and constructions

arrow-icon Construction of roads and drainages

arrow-icon Construction related to the facilities described above (construction of tanks,installations and oil piping).

arrow-icon Specialized construction (related only to hazardous substances for underground tanks, oil piping construction).

arrow-icon Comprehensive construction (construction work that includes specialized construction) not Limited to gas stations.

arrow-icon Storage Tank Construction.

arrow-icon Plant Construction.

arrow-icon Fabrication – Piping & Structural including Subsea Fabrication.

arrow-iconProcurement Services.

With highly skilled and experienced manpower focused on delivering top-quality engineering & construction services, we have the potential to design and execute turnkey projects, providing a seamless service offering.

Focaz Limited have expertise in mobilization of personnel, plant and equipment required for the oil and gas petrochemical plant activities. but say Focaz Limited have expertise in mobilization of personnel, plant and equipment required for construction of oil and gas depots, Interior designs, Petrol service stations, roads, drainage's, residential and commercial buildings.
With our service contracts, customers receive our commitment to provide services over a fixed period for agreed rate. These services include fabrication support, maintenance support, manpower supply, material supply, equipment supply.



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